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Our team is specialized in translation, interpretation and language teachinig. We mainly work with the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, German. Feel free to request the availability of other language combinations.

Simple translation

This kind of translation is delivered digitallly by email. They keep the format of the original document and do not bear the translator’s signature or seal since it is not subject to formal requirements. This type of translation covers all international areas and all types of documents without exception, including, but not limited to:

– Technical manuals                                    – Presentations before or after a conference
– Emails                                                         – Legal documents
– Acts                                                             – Commercial or credit reports
– Patents                                                       – Insurance policies
– Contracts                                                   – Resolutions
– Publications of all kinds


Official translation (in Peru)

This type of translation is performed by a sworn public translation, who is duly authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. The translator places their signature and stamp at the end of the translation. This type of translation is only made from original documents that are duly legalized by Apostille (Hague) or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The official translation is attached to the original document and they stick to a pre-established format. Due to its public faith value, this type of translation is mandatory in Peru for the following procedures:

– Consular procedures                                        – Civil, criminal and administrative processes
– Registration at the Public Registries              – Validation of degrees and titles
– Certificates of studies, degrees and titles
– Documents attached to public tenders


Certified translation (in Peru)

This kind of translation is carried out by a translator who is a member of the Bar of Translators of Peru (Colegio de Traductores del Perú). The translator places their signature and is responsible for the accuracy of the translation. These translations are required for many purposes, but not in a systematic way as there is no uniform regulation of their application. The added value of this type of document is the accreditation provided by the translator. Likewise, there is a cover page attached, a certification seal at the end of the translation and the translator’s signature on each page. Generally, these translations are requested for the following procedures:

– Documents attached to pubblic tenders
– Certificates of studies, degrees and titles
– Documents that require a signature (bills of lading, contracts, employment certificates, reports, invoices, medical certificates, laboratory analysis, among others)



Our interpreters are duly trained and accredited, they will always be willing to travel to provinces within Peru and, if necessary, abroad. There are two types of interpretation:

– Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter sends the message in real time. This type of interpretation is mainly used in conferences, teleconferences and video conferences. It is good to emphasize that this type of interpretation requires soundproof spaces, that is, with individual booths and headphones, so that the interpreter can hear the message with total clarity and send it to the listeners in the target language with the greatest and possible fidelity and clarity.

– Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter in charge of this service hears a sentence and then sends the message. This type of interpretation is used more in interviews, press conferences, negotiations.


alquiler equipos interpretacion

Equipment for events

We provide audiovisual equipment for events.

– Booths for interpreters
– Wireless receivers
– Microphone systems
– Wireless transmitters
– Audio consoles
– Sound systems
– Headphones
– Screens
– Audio systems

Language teaching

We offer classes for English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, among other languages subject to availability. Schedules are 100% flexible and can be carried out virtually or in person at home, office, or other meeting points.

– Survival
– Basic level                                                           
– Intermediate level
– Advanced level
– Conversation classes
– Grammar classes
– Individual classes
– Group classes


It refers to converting audio to text accurately and efficiently. The transcriptions are made of any audio or video, for example, of an interview, conference, song, series, film, commercial, among others. 

Revision and proofreading

We carry out revisions and proofreading of translations made by another translator or of texts written for specific purposes, such as theses, in order to improve the quality of the product.


Dubbing and subtitling

We develop subtitles and dubbing of films, documentaries and videos in different languages, taking into account the linguistic connotations of different cultures, the style and the essence of the original content.

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